Faith’s Journey is a seven member, contemporary Christian, rock band from Northwest Arkansas that has offered Good News through powerful instrumental artistry and power-filled lyrics since 2007.  Performing a wide range of Christian music through five-part vocals, guitars, keyboard, sax, flute, drums and dynamic percussion, this band elevates the senses even as the message ignites the spirit.

Bruce Bennett

Bruce commands the bass to reveal the magisty of the Lord.

Tim Breeding

Tim's rhythm professes the heartbeat of our Living Savior and begs the chorus of souls to join in the celebration.

Jerry Brewer

Jerry's vocals and playing of the sax bring the listened closer to their Creator.

Joanne Campbell

With passionate tones and creative percussion Joanne heightens the sense of praise in every song.

Richard Campbell

Richard's guitar becomes the vessel by which he calls the heart to worship.

Craig Keever

Craig reveals the love of God by ministering to soul through his musical talent.

Sarah Owens

Divine vocals spread a message of grace and gratituce when Sarah brings lyrics to life.

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